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Revitalize. Refresh. Release

Herbal Based products with Organic Essentials, and Adaptogenic Properties!! Handcrafted and created by a Licensed Aesthetician and Promising Herbalist!! Wellness and Self Care are our focal points, and we are dedicated in providing every BODY with just that!!

The ZenSken Collection

For Every Skin Type

Lady Lavender face cream is truly great for every skin type! Not only is it compacted with top grade vitamins and beneficial herbs, it is a (water/oil) mixture! The water is great for all skin types, most importantly, dehydrated skin. While oily and dry skin can benefit enormously from the oils!! Lets just say it holds a PERFECT balance of the two, which is great for all persons!!

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We love everything about this cleanser. For starters, its plant-based, cruelty free, and not ONE harsh chemical included in this mixture. It has powerful herbs for the skin, such as RED CLOVER!! And the base used in this cleanser is pure organic castile soap!! Who doesn't love castile? Gentle enough for all skin types, including sensitive, and leaves your pores feeling so refreshed!!

Cleanse your Pores

Herbal Soaks for Baby Soft Skin

 Soaking in Milk and Honey is a Royal Luxury!! With honey being extremely moisturizing and soothing; and Milk having Lactic Acid as the magic ingredient for this awesome soak, no wonder why its an all time fav!! Our soaks also are made with an unique blend of herbs and Dead Sea minerals for a complete relaxation session!! 

Soak In Luxury

Testimonials (swipe)

I love my herbal mist toner from ZenSken. It keeps my skin feeling clean all day long. It's all natural and doesn't dry out my skin!!


The packaging is so beautiful and the moisturizer smells divine


I've been using Lady Lavender for about two months now and I love this facial cleanser. Lady Lavender works wonders on my skin and I love the lavender smell.


I don't even have to use anything after I use this product. Usually my skin is dry after I wash it but not with this facial cleanser, it still remains moist. Can't wait until your line is complete!!

Simone Green

I have been using ZenSken moisturizer for 4 months and it has revolutionized my skin. It is no longer dry, but moist and supple. This product has reduced my fine lines and even helped the deeper wrinkles. I have used a lot of different products but none has done the wonders this product has. I highly recommend this to all skin types even mature skin. Highly worth the money.

Denise Fox

I love this moisturizer. It melts into my skin, its thick and creamy and adds a natural glow to your face. I use it everyday faithfully, I love it!!


I just got my package, thanks so much! Your products are awesome and the packaging is fantastic! Very high quality! I will definitely be buying more when I run out! Thank you again!