Why Your Skincare Products Show Little to no Results

       Skin, being the largest organ in the entire human body, needs to be treated with tender loving care. Composed of two layers, (the epidermis and the dermis, while having the epidermis be the outer layer consisting of five layers of its own and the dermis consisting of two) skin is our protective barrier which protects the inside of our body from disease and infections. It is our job to keep it healthy and hydrated. The number one way to accomplish such a thing is through a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Of course we  should cleanse our skin and face from harmful bacteria but that may not be the number one culprit for such inflammation of the skin, DIET &STRESS IS!! These skincare companies create these promising products without stressing the truth, that great skin starts with you and how you choose to nourish it. Also, using tons of skincare products may also escalate the issue by the use of its harmful chemicals and over usage. Products such as ours, which only have natural and herbal ingredients, can help aid in the cleansing of harmful bacteria. Here at ZENSKEN we always inform you of the importance of  balancing mind body and soul. A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!! 

First make sure your are consuming an adequate amount of water a day, also fruits and greens. Your skin sweats and secretes oil daily and needs to be replenished by the intake of such liquids and foods. Second, try to control your stress and anxiety levels, which causes inflammation and breakouts. Exercises such as meditation and yoga is great for the mind and soul, also physical activity (which helps your body sweat to release all those toxins from your pores) is great when trying to accomplish beautiful and healthy skin. Find and purchase some great skin and hair vitamins and also some herbal supplements(which will be available for purchase soon). Lastly invest in a natural and gentle skincare regimen that will not cause your outer layers of the skin to having to work harder and tearing down the "good" bacteria we need to complete its #1 job, which I mentioned earlier, to protect!! Do not over exfoliate, it is very unnecessary. Once a week or every two weeks is what I personally recommend. Get plenty of rest for your skin creates new cells while you are "enjoying your beauty sleep".

Remember good skin starts with you, before spending hundreds on harmful and uncalled for "skincare" products!! And if need be always check the ingredients and PH levels. Levels closest to 5 or 6 is the safest to use on your skin. *MORE OF OUR PRODUCTS COMING SOON!!!

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