About Us

ZenSken Facial Bar was founded by Licensed Esthetician and Entrepreneur, Alaina Mari. Alaina have been studying matters of the skin, mindfulness & meditation,herbalism,and business for more than 5 years now. Recently receiving an Esthetician license in PA and DE, she wants people to have a professional yet "Zen" experience with her own little "twist on things", so therefore ZenSken Facial Bar had to be born!!

Alaina attended The Beauty Institute in Ambler PA , where she obtained her first license as an Esthetician. Following that gain, she then attended The Academy of Massage and Bodywork in DE, where she obtained her second license as an Esthetician. She also acquired some managerial skills previously (in dentistry) before and during the time of her studies. Alaina is certified to apply proper eyelash application through her training with "O HER LASHES"!!

Our Philosophy:

When the world is quiet and your mind is calm, you are able to connect with your inner peace. We all take ourselves to that place from time to time. THAT'S WHERE ZENSKEN WAS BORN!!

ZenSken is a brand that surrounds itself around balance. In order to be yourself, one must find a balance between the physical, mental, and spiritual realms of life. ZenSken is exactly that! We have created products and perform services that are beneficial to your overall wellness and being.

Here at ZenSken, we are family, and we will love for you to be apart of it, through our all natural and herbal based products, soaks, tonics, resourceful blogs, and many more....